Dropbox no longer Syncing with My Cloud Home

I set up My Cloud Home to sync my Dropbox files by using the instructions here:

Everything worked in terms of creating a folder structure based on my Dropbox and syncing the files. I also received an email a few days later to say that the initial sync had completed. This was on Thursday November 9th. This was approximately 88GB. However I have added files since this date and nothing has been synced back to My Cloud Home. Desktop sync and Camera Roll backups are syncing though so I know it’s not a problem with the network or device.

I logged a support ticket but was told on there that My Cloud Home doesn’t automatically sync with dropbox and I have to manually do this. Based on the various user guides this is obviously incorrect because I set it up to this which originally worked! I need to know why it doesn’t continue to sync after the initial load. The app even states ‘My Cloud can connect with your cloud storage accounts and make sure that your files are always up to date’.

@remiandmelissa are you using Dropbox Free or Dropbox Business Account?
Anything special regarding the data structure?
IE: number of directories deep, shared with others, etc…

This is a personal Dropbox account, not a business one. I think the maximum folder level is about 3 levels deep. I have a folder per ‘photo album’. With about 50 folders in the photos section. Only one folder is shared, with 2 other people.

Is there a solution to the problem above? I have the same issue that a Dropbox folder was created syncing the initial folders. I have by far much smaller dropbox with maximum 2 levels deep. And it doesn’t sync again.

It did resolve itself, but it took a few weeks and I don’t remember actually doing anything specific to resolve itself. However I did change routers during this period so this may have kicked the sync process off again. Since then I haven’t really had an issue, it syncs regularly now.

Thanks for your feedback. It is now syncing also on my side. The only issue I need to solve is why the cut and paste of a file does not sync with My Cloud Home.


I am having the same issue. Whatever i save in dropbox it doesn’t sync to folder in mycloud home.

I need a solution