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Maybe I’m missing something, but I thought the My Cloud Home social and cloud import service would keep an up to date copy of Dropbox on MyCloud Home. It doesn’t, just seems to make a one time copy of it then no further updates. Not sure I see the point in that, other than as a backup.



The Dropbox API implementations on My Cloud Home is not a two way sync, but an import.
IE: items added to other Dropbox Clients (mobile, web, windows, macos) will be imported into the My Cloud Home.
Content added to the My Cloud Home Dropbox Folder do not sync out.


So “My Cloud Home can connect with your cloud storage accounts and make sure that your files are always up to date.” not entirely accurate!


It should be continuously importing the data. Any changes you make on the Dropbox side should appear on your My Cloud Home device automatically. If that’s not happening then we would need to take a look and see whats going on. The only import channel which is truly “one-time” is Facebook as they don’t allow us to maintain a constant connection.

My Cloud Home Product Team

Delete a file on DropBox yet still keep it on My Home Cloud?

Dear Matt,

My device is not doing what you claim here. Two problems:

  1. Not everything on my Dropbox is synced to Mycloud. To be specific: folders which I share with other users don’t sync to Mycloud.
  2. Changes which I make in my Dropbox are not synced to Mycloud.

What to do next?



Hi @bart1977,

I think at this point WD Support will would need to review the logs to determine what the root cause of the issue may be. In the My Cloud Home mobile app can you go to Settings > About > Send Logs and submit the logs from the My Cloud Home device. I would also suggest opening a support ticket with WD technical support and provide a link to this thread.

Dropbox Sync not syncing everything

Hi there,
I have the same issue. It was syncing my Dropbox one time when I set up the service. But any change I do in my Dropbox is not syncing to my Cloud Home Duo.
Is there already a solution or any problem somebody has found?