Don't Recognize "Cloud devices for user" in CloudAccess Screen

I’m just learning and still experimenting with setups.

When I logon to and move from the Home tab to the Cloud Access Screen, I’m presented with a list of "Cloud Devices for user. I will attach a copy of the screen. I don’t recognize the “Windows 8” device–what is that and where did it come from? The other three devices, not sure why one shows up twice, are my computer names. I do not have a computer called “Windows 8”

Is that screenshot from the web access portal, or from the Dashboard?

What devices do you think you have connected?

Do you have any devices accessing the MyCloud that are running any copy of Windows?

You appear to have three devices accessing the MyCloud via WD Sync, and one device accessing via the WD MyCloud app. My suspicion is that some of these devices are the same (i.e. one device is accessing both via WD Sync, and via the MyCloud app).

Do you have a computer that was upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10? My laptop had Windows 8 when I bought it and was upgraded to Windows 10 and shows as Windows 8 on my My Cloud devices list. My desktop had Windows 7 and was upgraded to Windows 10 but shows as Windows 7 in the devices list.