"Cloud Devices" On dashboard

Hello, anyone know what the “Cloud Devices” are that are being displayed on the main dashboard for a WD My Cloud Mirror NAS? I have external/cloud access disabled…according to the manual …“The Cloud Devices panel displays the number of cloud devices currently accessing the WD My Cloud Mirror device remotely” BUT I have never enabled remote access… and I have a count of 3 showing up as connected devices. Or does “Cloud Device” in this context mean Private cloud aka, my internal LAN?? .

Hi @bestd00g,

The 3 devices showing in dash board are connected in local networks.

Thank you for your speedy response! Can you please tell me how I can display the name of the connected devices? If there is no GUI method is there an SSH command?

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Hi @bestd00g,

Please refer below link to help you with trouble shooting steps:

Thanks, that link only takes me to a login page… it does not really help with my issue… is there something specific I should be doing?

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I just found how to display the devices. Click on Cloud Access at the top of the Dashboard. The next page will be titled Configure Access. On the left side there will be a list of users who have cloud access. For me it is only the user name for the administrator account. I click on the user name and the next display has a heading titled Cloud Devices for username. Hopefully that works for you.

The interesting thing for me is that I have 9 cloud devices, and the display shows my iPad 4 times, my iPhone 4 times, and my wife’s iPad. Not sure why the devices show up multiple times.