Cloud Devies

The web interface for my device shows me as having 4 “Cloud Devices”. If there any way to see what those devices are?

Which “web interface”? The WD My Cloud Dashboard? The web portal? Windows File Explorer or Mac finder?

Yes; use the ‘Cloud Access’ tab on the Dashboard.

Read chapter 8 of the MyCloud User Manual, ‘Accessing Your My Cloud Device Remotely’.

It’s the WD My Cloud Dashboard. White screen… 4 Items across the bottom… “Cloud Devices” “Users” “Shares” and “Content Scan” I think I reconnected my cell phone multiple times and each time the number of cloud devices increased. Would like to correct this.

As cpt_paranoia indicated check the Cloud Access tab. Start by accessing the Dashboard > Cloud Access. Then select a User from the left hand field under Configure Access. Then you can view the various Cloud devices for that user under the "Cloud devices for " section. It will list the device and method of access. One can then remove any unused entries by clicking the trash can icon for that entry.

Bennor… Thanks! That helped. Only minor problem I have is I can’t delete one of them because it tells me that ID no longer exists. "Device user ID missing (400014)

That is a long running known issue with the firmware. Do a forum search for “400014” and you’ll find several threads on it. The unofficial workaround apparently is to edit the Orion.db located in the /usr/local/nas/orion folder.