Device user ID missing


I just setup my WD Mycloud Wednesday. Everything seems to work ok, as of now. However, I requested a “code” Wednesday to add one of my devices. Anyhow, something came up and I wasn’t able to register the device unitl now. Unfortunately, the code has expired and is no longer valid. I tried deleting the code in the WD control panel, but I get the error message, “Device user ID missing (400014)”.

Has this been addressed and is there a fix, or are we still waiting for a fix? It’s not really a big deal, but it would be nice to clean up the control panel by removing this expired code.



Did you try to power cycle the unit in order to see if this error disappears?

Apparently this was supposed to be under investigation back in Feb and the thread was locked …

Still haven’t seen anything in the form of a firmware update that fixes this. The ongoing frustrations with this product are infuriating.

Yeah, I’ve got that issue on one of my registration codes, too…

Pressing the DELETE button:


I have the same problem.(400014) I can not delete the User. The date is from 1970!

Please WD fix this problem. 

any fix?

I to am getting this error. I have seen people suggesting deleting the user or system restore. Here is the issue

  1. The user this is happening to is the Admin Account.

  2. I have already had to do a system restore due to the Share Function Failed. (400099) error. and had to redo everyones login and shares. Dont really feel like taking the time to enter in all that information again.

Any thoughts on this.


I have seen posts as far back as 2013 about this error and I am now wondering if a RMA or getting a different Cloud drive is needed at this point due to the problems I have had with this in the past 3 days. If these errors were over a year period then it might not look so bad. But that these errors have happened in the past 3 days and have been reported on for at least a year does not give me a sense of optimism that if this problem can be fixed that another is not waiting around the corner.