Docker support in OS5?


Replied to this on the other thread indicating steps that you can do to get it working.



WD announced they will be releasing firmware to reintroduce docker support and are working on it right now.

They also released yet another firmware update (what’s that, 3 in 2 weeks?) fixing some security bugs they introduced with the auth system, and also announced they are going to provide an alternative solution to the auth redirect that everyone hates. Oh and 3 of my apps had security updates too, lol.

There’s some SERIOUS amount of backpedalling on the WD bicycle this week. Turns out when your community explodes with several hundred threads thrashing your mongoloid release you say sorry and crawl back into your server room.


Would you rather they did not try and make an effort to fix the issues that people are raising ? I think it is a good thing and they are making progress with each release.

In saying that, a better strategy would have been to avoid all of this by making sure these features they are now re-adding were in the original OS5 release to start with and avoid a lot of grievances from the users of their product.



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Oh for sure I’m in favour of them updating frequently and providing fixes for these issues. Likewise I agree with you about how they should have avoided this whole mess by not removing most of these features in the first place.

This has to be one of the worst product roll outs in recent times. Taking away so many features, introducing ones that people didn’t ask for, having their community team spend two weeks defending the changes and stating that the removed features are no longer supported, it’s just a total mess. Whatever product manager or team that was put in place to coordinate and deploy this release really made a mess of it.

I’m happy that they are sorting it out though, but I know it’s only because all hell broke loose, rather than out of their understanding of the users or customers. They spent so long telling us that these features and changes were the new norm and basically releasing PR responses without properly addressing our concerns that it’s clear that they actually did not comprehend their mistakes or actually care about the consequences of their decisions.

Maybe now all this blowing up in their face spectacularly will make them reconsider future development decisions, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about this. Remember, this is the company that released drives with SMR on them without declaring it and are currently losing a lawsuit because of it. I don’t trust them to not be despicable anymore.


I would argue that these grievances affect a very small portion of the user base. Those of us who have gone in and used Docker or used other mods on our devices to push their limits happen to be the most vocal. I don’t disagree with it being frustrating and wildly inconvenient. Having been part of the beta, it was obvious that there definitely are users asking for certain features they implemented. All that to say, we don’t represent a single monolith of WD NAS users.

Thank you very much to @Tfl & @JediNite for all the work you’ve put in and help on these forums!


I would also add, the OS5 update is a major security improvement over the previous OS3. Even the kernel update makes a big difference. I for one haven’t had any showstopper issues with OS5 on the PR4100. It’s been niggly little things, that I have no doubt will be cleared up in the future.

Of course I don’t know, but I think you are very wrong that this affects a small number of users. For all those people who were using “MyCloud” as a quick and workable Cloud solution, they have been well and truly f****d by OS5, to be blunt. The OS5 internet gateway and app are simply a joke compared to the OS3 equivalent. And to add insult to injury, in order to use these, you are forced to hammer your drives for days on end to generate thumbnail previews that 90% of people never wanted in the first place. And I am one of these people, for whom OS5 transformed a working solution into an utterly non-working solution and that just literally wasted my and my company’s entire investment in WD NAS’s. I’m never spending more money - and more importantly for me, time - with WD again, after that experience.

So if you are just using the device as a local NAS, yes it’s an improvement. And actually, for Docker it seems really fine now, I have Docker going with Portainer 2 and Nextcloud, as of tonight*. So you are kind-of-wrong on that too in fact, the Docker people should be fine now.

  • on the PR Intel architecture, I should add there

There are a number of ways at looking at this;

  • From a local NAS perspective; I agree that the security improvements are (likely - don’t truly know) important. As a local NAS. . . I like OS/5 better than OS/3 for a number of reasons

  • I definitely feel better about exposing this unit to the internet (with cloud services off) for access via VPN.

  • Look, one of the BIG selling points for OS/5 is the Web and phone apps. That is supposed to be one of the main-stream use cases for the WD NAS architecture. Even if you ignore the indexing / transcoding issue. . . .is that part a success? (I will give you one guess)

sorry, late to the party

sill running OS3 because I’m scared of losing docker and portainer

does the latest and greatest fw 5.06.115 now support docker without having to use the custom zip file ( that someone posted previously?