Docker missing in OS5 (EX2 Ultra)


I’ve realised docker is not available on My Cloud EX2 Ultra after upgrade to OS5.

It seems the new kernel is not compiled with “mqueue” capability.

I really hope this is just a initial release limitation and docker will be added soon!

If anybody of you have any workaround how to make docker work on EX2 Ultra + OS5 please let me know.

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Docker is not supported on My Cloud OS 5. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

I am realy not sure how an “apology” helps. Just compiling the next firmware with “mqueue” would be the right way to go


That this would be an answer from “WDStaff” is awful. It’s a clown show:

“We are looking into a way to configure our Linux Kernel configuration so Docker can be manually added.”

“As mentioned in the previous post, we are making changes to our Linux Kernel configuration so Docker can be manually added. This change will be available in a future release.”


The next release of the firmware should have support for Docker but will still be up to the end user to install it. In saying that, not sure that the very latest versions of docker will be supported, but docker-19.03.08 looks to work.



@WDStaff any update on the release date on the new firmware to include docker support?

Your OS5 feedback announcement thread on November 4th said it would take some time. You’ve had nearly 2 weeks now, what’s the expected release date on returning this feature? You sold us these products with this support included and then took it away, we require a more specific timeline for the return of this functionality than just saying “soon” or “some time”.

It looks like they are doing firmware releases every two weeks at the moment. So based on the date of the last few releases (12 November, 28 October, 14 October), that would put it around 26 November.

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I’m going to keep asking until they actually confirm a date for the release of this firmware. Also, Transmission direct access, and disabling https redirect entirely must be an option given to us. Removing functionality like this isn’t acceptable and WD is only delaying the inevitable and damaging their reputation by offering poor explanations and lazy apologies in the mean time.

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New OS5 Firmware version brings support for POSIX_MQUEUE, docker shall be working again on EX2 Ultra, yay!!

Download it here

Additional info: Seems there is an issue with SECCOMP now. Thread here.

Where are you downloading docker from ?
thank for keep us informed

For example here.