OS 5 Roll-back

Does anyone know how to roll-back the OS to 2.40.157?

I updated while in the dashboard and didn’t know Docker was not supported.

Unfortunately as noted in the update notes, there is no way to roll-back after updating to OS 5 at all. You are stuck with OS 5.

Even with a Full Factory restore?

According to this post you can run docker:

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Love this :heart_eyes:

a zip for transmission?

No, inside the zip is the bin file to install Docker. I have a seperate issue with Transmission here - Portainer Noob

No, this is not working. Even though the “docker app” installs fine, also “dockerd” daemon is running on the NAS you are not able to run any container since “MQUEUE” capability is missing in the kernel. What a shame!

What is not working for you? This solves my original issue or reason to Roll back

It works only fpr PR line. EX users are screwed as kernel is not compiled correctly to work wit docker containers.


docker app on OS5 firmware does not work.

dockerd runs, but that is all, you are not able to run any container since POSIX_MQUEUE capability was not added to the kernel.

As @crowin_x has noted it works for the PR line, this thread is tagged for the Pro-Series

This thread is tagged for “OS5 personal”, too. Nevertheless the Docker app bundle also contains build precisely for ex2ultra which is important to say it does not work.

Oh, you’re one of those people. Move on to a thread that’s more relevant to your issue.

Is there a beginners guide for using docker to install/run nzbget please?