DLNA connection

Hello experts.

I am not into information technology as my work is absolutely nothing near this realm but as a necessity to an increasing need for a larger storage system, I recently bought 4TB WD SS NAS and I just want to ask some help but let me list down my setup.

  1. WD 4TB NAS

  2. Samsung TV

  3. simple wired modem

I want to use my WD SS as a media server via DLNA but I cant seem to detect all the movies and music I moved to my WD.

The TV can detect the WD SS but when I search for movies, It says that it does not contain any.

In what mapdrive should the movies be saved in? I just created a folder in addition to _Download drive.

Thanks for the help in advance

OK I got it.

I just have to transfer all the files to the Public map drive and separate the accordingly (Music to shared music; Movies to Shared videos)…