Sharespace as a network share and not Media server

I want to use my sharespace with WD TV LIVE, but have noticed that thumbnails and external subs doesnt work when accesing sharespace via media server on the wd tv live. Instead I am urged to acces via network shares, but the problem is, that when I try that I get the message, that there are no media files in the current folder.

 Found the solution. I had to map the SS Public folder as a networkfolder in Win7 and and when you get asked how to connect you choose both options and when asked for pasword, use the password for the SS Network Share Config. Standard was admin. Now I can acces SS via Network Shares in WDTVLIVE and get my thumbnails and srt tubtitles to display. Now I just have to figure out how to not having the movie art show up as a jpg file in the WDTV file management. I have tried naming it after the movie and just plain Folder.jpg, but the jpg file stills shows next to the movie file.