WD DL2100 as a Media center

hello all

i am new NAS devices and i have the WD DL2100

i want the nas to be media server for my 4K movies

i want to watch the movies in my smart TV using the network

i use Plex but i think plex not using the network using the internet and this making the movies not playable

there is any setting or any app on the WD apps that can help me?

Thank you

I have a DL2100 I use as a media server as you want to do I even use it with Plex. I do not have time to give you tutorials, etc, but WD does. There is a lot to setting a NAS up and WD has support to tell you how to do all this. Here is the link to that site, so be sure to download the complete user manual and view the tutorials more than once. Bookmark the link!