Disk full, I can't delete file :(


I have and WDNAS MyCloud Ex2 with raid 1 activated (2x2TB). Firmware is 2.11.178.

The disk is full, when I access webpage, 16.3 KB free…
OK, so I will delete some files… BUT PROBLEM

From Webpage or from Network \myip\ the following problem is the same.

I go to a directory named A, I delete a file, and I wait… until no access
After a refresh (or a reboot!), if I return to this directory A, no access and still 16.3KB Free.

So I go to another directory B and I do the same… same conclusion
and so on…

It’s like: System can’t delete the file and while file is not deleted directory has no access to the direcotry… so no solution…

I don’t know how to delete some files, or even cancel all tries of deletions bacause I can’t access these folders now

Please tell me that a solution exists

Thank you

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Any chance you had enabled SSH? If so, see if you can log into the CLI and “rm” files from there.

Thx for your reply

Unfortunately not. I can access to webconsole, but if I try to set an option (ssh by example), the response is “updating in progress” indefinitely …

Is it possible to connect this nas on USB like a portable disk? at least to navigate and load my datas ?

I’m so sorry.

I’m not a specialist but maybe this links could help you:

My Cloud dead, how to see content on Windows 10? My Cloud

So, I’ve read through both your post, and I can’t thank you guys enough! ^^ Just to be clear, I want to explain step-by-step how I’m going to do this, and I just want a confirmation, from one of you guys. First and foremost I have a Surface pro 3 that I’ll be using. I’m going to buy that hard drive enclosure because I think it’s neatest (both power and USB-port) I’m going to put the hard drive inside it, but before doing that I will download ExtFS for Windows by Paragon. When installed I’m go…

I hope so.

Best regards

My Cloud dead, how to see content on Windows 10? My Cloud

Hi! I don’t really know if this is the place to post this, but I would really really need some help. So one day I woke up and realized that my My Cloud 3 TB was glowing all red in the front. I didn’t think that is was such a big deal, however after trying to get it to connect through Wifi several times (for about 6 hours), I couldn’t get it working. I was so frustrated. My whole life is on the My Cloud. What I did notice under the procedure was that the Ethernet light didn’t blink at all. Whe…

I hope so.

Best regards

Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

After a shutdown and power off all is ok now, I could delete file and web console is really alive again.

In fact I was in remote so I only did reboot of nas, not power off. It’s like as reboot keep some tasks to do and was still blocked.

So all is ok, but I keep your link for the next big problem !

Have a good day!