Disk full, I can't delete file :(



I have and WDNAS MyCloud Ex2 with raid 1 activated (2x2TB). Firmware is 2.11.178.

The disk is full, when I access webpage, 16.3 KB free…
OK, so I will delete some files… BUT PROBLEM

From Webpage or from Network \myip\ the following problem is the same.

I go to a directory named A, I delete a file, and I wait… until no access
After a refresh (or a reboot!), if I return to this directory A, no access and still 16.3KB Free.

So I go to another directory B and I do the same… same conclusion
and so on…

It’s like: System can’t delete the file and while file is not deleted directory has no access to the direcotry… so no solution…

I don’t know how to delete some files, or even cancel all tries of deletions bacause I can’t access these folders now

Please tell me that a solution exists

Thank you


Any chance you had enabled SSH? If so, see if you can log into the CLI and “rm” files from there.


Thx for your reply

Unfortunately not. I can access to webconsole, but if I try to set an option (ssh by example), the response is “updating in progress” indefinitely …

Is it possible to connect this nas on USB like a portable disk? at least to navigate and load my datas ?


I’m so sorry.

I’m not a specialist but maybe this links could help you:

My Cloud dead, how to see content on Windows 10? My Cloud

So, I’ve read through both your post, and I can’t thank you guys enough! ^^ Just to be clear, I want to explain step-by-step how I’m going to do this, and I just want a confirmation, from one of you guys. First and foremost I have a Surface pro 3 that I’ll be using. I’m going to buy that hard drive enclosure because I think it’s neatest (both power and USB-port) I’m going to put the hard drive inside it, but before doing that I will download ExtFS for Windows by Paragon. When installed I’m go…

I hope so.

Best regards


My Cloud dead, how to see content on Windows 10? My Cloud

Hi! I don’t really know if this is the place to post this, but I would really really need some help. So one day I woke up and realized that my My Cloud 3 TB was glowing all red in the front. I didn’t think that is was such a big deal, however after trying to get it to connect through Wifi several times (for about 6 hours), I couldn’t get it working. I was so frustrated. My whole life is on the My Cloud. What I did notice under the procedure was that the Ethernet light didn’t blink at all. Whe…

I hope so.

Best regards


Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

After a shutdown and power off all is ok now, I could delete file and web console is really alive again.

In fact I was in remote so I only did reboot of nas, not power off. It’s like as reboot keep some tasks to do and was still blocked.

So all is ok, but I keep your link for the next big problem !

Have a good day!