Disaster of a device

I cannot believe that I will have to keep everything under the public share as for some unknown design reason I cannot access my personal files if my internet goes down, even when still connected to my own LAN!!


Who the hell came up with that idea?

No DLNA then?

So it’s just an expensive external hard drive?

Why on Earth would I need an internet connection to access local files on a hard drive on a local network? Baffling.

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That’s weird… I can still access both public and personal space when I disconnect from the internet over the LAN

Its actually one of the few things I can do with the my cloud home…loads I cant do though unfortunately

still waiting for wd support to give some hope to us all who mistakenly thought they were purchasing a functional NAS


I am agree with you. I am already a couple of day’s trying to stream video etc to apple tv. I only see public map with no files. No answer from this forum than the suggestion to make a new user. Might be a good idee. But how to make a new user??? You should do that sending a mail to another person. But nothing happens. Very disappointing!!!

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No answers or updates to queries from the WD support team is unfortunately only to common here for many users concerns.

Actually I probably feel a bit sorry for them for having to support such a poorly designed product from the functionality point of view…

What WD should be doing though, and failing miserably, is keeping their customers informed

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very very bad. I will give them 2 day’s before bringing back their product.

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Wast of money! no samba??? how the hell am I going to share folders and grant or deny read/write to other users? I’m now trying to find a way to do something useful with mycloud home… I think scraping it and using the hard drive on another NAS will be the solution because right now its money thrown away. And worst, I can’t return it because the store i bought it in does not accept returns on this kind equipment!

OK WD please don’t block/silence me again. Ill start with the positives Ive found.

  1. Very fast for me via Asus RT-AC68U. Using public folder I`m getting 112MB/s (896mbps). Super.
  2. Super quiet. Cannot even hear it even at full blast.
  3. That’s it.

Other than that as a NAS it’s about as useful as Ann Frank’s drum kit.


"This isn’t NAS storage, this requires constant connection to the internet in order to manage your files and access your data.
There is no direct access to the management interface on the device, it has no management interface, everything is managed via an online service that WD hosts.
There are no shares on this device it cannot be used by anything that cannot run WD’s app so if you want to access files from a Linux box or your TV well tough luck…
If you don’t have internet you can’t access your data.
If WD decides to shutdown the service you can’t access your data.
If WD decides that it doesn’t like you for some reason you can’t access your data.
WD can access your data at any time, if you block the device from communicating with WD’s servers you can’t access your data.
The device communicates also with 3rd party servers which do not belong to WD some hosted in India and China.

This isn’t a storage server this is WD hosting their version of Google Drive at your expense with all the liabilities that come with it."


Are these things true? All my data goes through the internet even when I’m at home?
So if I stream a movie on Plex at home I’m using my internet bandwidth??
And my Time Machine backups are using internet bandwidth?

If so, that’s unacceptable! And sadly I’m outside of the return window for Best Buy so I’m stuck with this thing!

No data goes through the internet if you are on the same network. An internet connection is required to authenticate the user account only. All data transfers, backups, and video streaming is local to your LAN.

Ok, that’s a relief. Thanks.

Yes but my point is simple. No internet no access to data on LAN. Simply silly. Whether it’s to authenticate or not.

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FFS I bought this in a pinch to support a failing nas wish I had realized this was a POS. Need an android or iphone to manage the device and god forbid you setup a folder through a network share, after you set it up. Because that folder is no where to be seen even when logging in with a mobile app. You can only see it through a windows network share. Great marketing gimmick, but useless NAS basically its a glorified external drive acting as a network drive with no real functionality of a traditional NAS. Would have been better off with a 3.0 USB device plugged into a linksys than this! At this point won’t even consider using mycloud again given mycloudhome was such a nightmare and well after the 14 day return policy from BestBuy. Clearly WDC does not care about this at all and only ones complaining are techs that thought they were buying a cheap NAS well “cheap” was correct Waste of time and money