I have an 8 TB WD My Home Cloud and cannot access my files

I have an WD My Home Cloud of 8 TB.
I no longer have access to my files via the local network, I no longer see the share, only public / Time Backup.
I can access the files via a WD web page, but downloading everything is not possible at all.

Tried every solution WD suggested on their website, nothing helps.
Who else has an idea?

Oh yes, WD, I will never buy another product from you, what poor service


Have you already looked at these?
My Cloud Home (wd.com)

WD Documentation (wdc.com)

Are your using a Mac macOS? There are well known Apple macOS problems associated with using any network drives reliably, not just WD network drives.

Are you familiar with USB backup? That is how most data from the My Cloud Home is backuped - through the USB port by plugging in a large USB drive which is the cheapest form of storage available. This function is built into the webapp through the web page as you mentioned and is the fastest form of backup.

I have the same problem - spent many hours on a solution on chat with WD support without coming to a solution - I use Windows Pro, which is probably my problem.

I can create a local network user, but it does not work with Windows Pro – if I use Windows home, everything works as described by WD.

I think there is a problem in WD changing from apps exits to solution with a local net user against Windows Pro – but WD won’t give me the right, but they don’t have a solution to my problem.

Tried with different PCs and versions of Windows Pro - all give the same problem and won’t authorize the local net user!

Windows Home and My Cloud Home work my local net user In the first attempt without any change in Windows Home

Hello. The same happens to me. I can’t access my files over the Local Network. You cannot see access to the private part. Only Public and TimeMachineBackup are accessible.
The details of my team are:
OS: Windows 10 Home
Version: 22h2

If anyone knows how to solve the problem, please comment, because it is very slow and painful to have to upload the files through the WEB when it is always faster through the Local Network

After talking to Tech support, they showed me how to get it.

Go to the WD dashboard, to go manage Device, turn OFF the Local access. Save it. Then turn the access back on and save it.

Then click on Clear device settings.

Then reboot the device.

Then you should be able to see your original lost LocalMyCloud.

I still purchased a standalone external drive and have cloned the MyCloud so I never have to deal with this again

Hope this helps


I have exactly the same problem.I hoped your answer would solve the problem.
I go to the dashboard and it shows Local network access on. I turn it off and get the message “are you sure you want to disable LNA”. When I press continue if shows it as being off but how do I save it?

There is a save button at the bottom, increase your page size to make sure you see the whole webpage.

I’ve removed the drive and put it in an external reader and run it through a recovery program on Windows. It’s detected the partitions but over 1TB of data, but doesn’t seem to have found any of the thousands of photo files I had saved to it - mainly CR2.

Anything that can be done?

You should check the other posts as well as people are suggesting here.
Here’s a solution suggested by the user, I can't access my files - #3 by amelia1
If you have tried all of the solutions that WD suggests, then it is possible that there is a hardware problem with your WD My Cloud Home. If this is the case, then you may need to contact WD support for further assistance.

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Sorry for my late response, but I have been very ill and in hospital for a long time.

Back to the problem, because at the moment it is still not solved, I have tried every suggested solution, but without success.

And with the solutions offered here, when does one realize that not everyone has the knowledge that an IT man has, not everyone is as computer literate.
That the manufacturer cannot come up with an easier solution for these people.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2024

Unfortunately you repeated this a few times without telling anybody anything new because you simply don’t describe what you have done, successfully or not. It is a process, the path to a solution as to what steps have been taken. The Western Digital solution has always been to ‘Clear Device Settings’ which is a catch-call functionality to reclaim the file and folder permission on the My Cloud Home without deleting user data.

This is usually a simple matter of logging in and enable a setting. Perhaps you have someone who can help you troubleshoot this - if not, you will just have to file a support ticket or chat with support and wait for their reply.

How to Clear Device Settings on My Cloud Home and ibi

The Clear Device Settings allows device owners to reset if there are issues getting to the private share or enabling local access. The is available in the My Cloud Home and ibi dashboard.

  1. Sign into the Dashboard using the Web app, IP Address or Hostname.

Need more help?

  1. Click Sign in using the Western Digital Account or Sign in with local password.
    3.Sign in with local password* will not work until Local Access has been setup.

After you have successfully logged in, proceed to:

Clear Device Settings resets:

  • Local Access toggle switch (Default = Off)

  • Local network User Name(s) (Default = not configured)

  • Local network Password(s) (Default = not configured)

  • Database values (Default = new)

  • Albums and shared albums.

  • Click Erase.
    The message Device is not ready, please wait will show.

My apologies for the very late response, but my health leaves much to be desired.
I have gone through all the steps and solutions shown, but no success.

I still cannot access my data, and downloading via the web browser is also not possible.

This was the first and last time I purchased a cloud system from WD, what a mess this is, yuck!

In the past you could rely on their products, but nowadays if your product is outdated and phased out you either have to buy a new one, or you have to go through so many unnecessary steps that you are driven crazy and buy a new one.

I run Windows 11.

Never, ever again a WD

No one here has yet seen any specific solutions that you have tried despite several earlier suggestions in the replies.
Since you are unable to

  • still cannot access my data
  • downloading via the web browser is also not possible

and that most My Cloud Home users are able to do so with their cloud storage, please consider that you may have a defective unit and should

  • File a proper support ticket with WD Tech support.
  • File a warranty claim with WD support if possible

Good luck and do report back with other types of cloud storage that you find superior and cost effective to the My Cloud Home.