Direct connection to Windows PC

After owning a 2TB My Cloud for just a day now I am ready to throw it out of the window as the amount of issues and errors that I have seen is driving me nuts.

But even when I do get the thing working to some degree, the transfer speeds are just woeful.

I saw a video on youtube that suggested that the My Cloud could be connected directly to a PC with the ethernet cable as I want to try this to verify transfer speeds this way but I can’t for the life of me find any instructions on how to set it up.

When I connect directly the My Cloud isn’t being seen at all, so if there are any instructions,available then I’d appreciate a pointer in the right direction.

Try page 92 of the user manual:

It might help you with setting up the MyCloud, too. I would recommend not using the WD automated setup tool, but using the ‘mobile devices’ setup path shown in the Quick Start Guide that comes with the MyCloud. This uses the built-in Dashboard control panel, which is fairly well described in the manual. Using this method, I can have new MyCloud set up and working within 15 minutes of applying power.


That was the method that I initially used, although the process of updating was so slow it was untrue.

Even since then I have had nothing but trouble, with more error messages than I would care to even try and list.

Checked every aspect of my network and there are zero issues there.

So I need to connect directly to my PC to see what the performance is like before I RMA it.

It just seems not to want to play ball, despite the fact that I am using static IP addresses on both the My Cloud and my PC.

No recognition of it at all.

Generally when you connect the My Cloud direct to the computer’s Ethernet port you have to configure BOTH the My Cloud and the computer’s Ethernet port to use the same IP address range.

Often a simple 4 second reset or 40 second system restore via the reset button on the back of the My Cloud can fix certain issues with the My Cloud.

As to copying speeds. One almost never gets the advertised maximum copying speed across network devices. There are many reasons why this is the case. Start by reading the following thread if you haven’t done so already that attempts to explain some issues with copying speed and some possible workarounds to boost that copy speed.