File transfer from My Book to My Cloud

Hi all,

New to WD products.  I am now in this situation - i have a 4tb my book fully loaded with films etc.  It is formated in exFat (yes, exFAT not FAT 32 etc).  I have win7.  I also now have a 4tb my cloud connected to my home network.  i use powerline adaptors and am waiting on a gigabit router.  via usb connection, my book is not recognised by my cloud due to format.  i can file transfer from laptop to my cloud, but i’ll be grey before that completes.  is there a better solution for me?


Hi there,

Is your computer wired to the network o is it wireless? Normally powerline adapters have a bit of a limitation depending on the quality of the electrical lines, something you can try is connecting the My Cloud directly to the computer and copy from the My Book to the My Cloud unit connected to the computer this way i should perform faster 


Thanks for the reply.  Can you kindly provide a step-by-step guide to connect the Cloud directly to my laptop.  i have searched the net in vain.  my laptop supports gigabit and 3.0 usb but my network does not.  so will be quicker transfer via direct connection.  i am new to IP addresses etc.  when i change the cloud to static, it asks for IP address - which IP do i enter??  the cloud’s, my laptop’s, the router standard - as i am effectively by-passing the router, i am lost…

i get the subnet, but which gateway address?  how many DNS addresses and where do they come from?  I know how to obtain the numbers but just need to be pointed in the right direction.  i’ve given up trial and error approach :frowning: