Device visible from windows explorer but WD sync / Backup does not find it

Essentially in WD sync, it does not find the device, it does not allow me to sign in (but in the browser I can) and so WD backup can’t find as well (it finds dropbox). Manually I could copy and edit the storage but obviously, I need a backup software to have everything correctly tracked.
I have windows 10.

Any suggestions?

@dannox If you look at the information from this link, , you will see that WD Sync does not work with My Cloud Home.

is there a way to use some backup software with mycloud?

In the mycloude home user manual it says you can install “my cloud desktop app”(but actually dosen’t apear in the list). also in the mycloude home specs page it says there is an ability to sync folders.
very annoying! the only windows backup utility available is the windows backup which is not so friendly.

Update: now I can see it(I think no special installation needed). right click on a folder shows Sync to…option…Screenshot_3


So, as to section 5, there is no “my cloud app” option…