Device Offline after update

The device (WD MyCloud EX4100) appears offline on, iOS App and Android App.

While it is locally available through Windows, Cloud Access connection status is shown as “Disabled” on local web dashboard (

When I try to sign in on the web dashboard, it shows “Updating” for a few seconds (os5-mycloud-com does work during that short period of time) but then Error 1002 appears on the web dashboard, and we’re back at the beginning.

I do have an active internet connection and the Ethernet cable on the device has both LEDs on. I’ve tried rebooting the device, the computer and the router, but nothing works.

The disconnection happened yesterday after updating the Firmware to 5.28.105, everything was working fine before that.

I don’t know if a downgrade is possible, but I would try any proposed solutions. Thanks!