Dashboard shows different free space to drives mounted in Widows?

I have one share from each of my (JBOD) drives mounted under Windows in order to keep track of the free space on each disk (still waiting for this to be added into the Dashboard).

Dashboard says I have 7.18TB free, buit the total free space according to Windows adds up to 6.51TB.

Anybody know what causes the discrepancy?

I have a 4 disk RAID 5 array that is supposed to take up all of the space on all of the disk. But when I df -h in ssh, I find each disk has a 944.9 MB partition defined  Each of those partitions has about 20 MB of space used by the NAS for things like thumbnail data, and some database stuff I haven’t looked into yet.  On my system,  it accounts for around 3.67 GB.

I  see the numbers don’t quite add up, but it could be a similar cause on your setup.

Interesting; I suppose there could be additional partitions that the dashboard sees as not full, so includes their free space in its total; even though they’re inaccessible to users (by normal means, at least).