Dashboard calculation error

Just noticed that the Capacity section on the Dashboard (FW version: v04.04.01-112) shows an incorrect FREE value. In this case it should have reported about 1.0 TB free.

Anybody else have this anomaly

Can you please explain why you think that the amount of free capacity is wrong. Sum up the individual values, this My Cloud should have 3 TB brut capacity.

My bad! I should have mentioned that this is a 2TB WDMyCloud. Sorry.

Ops - makes sense now :smile: We’ll check this.

I just checked mine and it’s off as well but Windows shows it to have much more free space.

Windows reports 1.28GB free which looks to be correct.

No big deal, but something to keep the developers occupied. :scream:

The capacity is showing 1,280MB in use. If it is a 2TB disk then free space should be around 620MB
ignoring the overhead that takes up space on the drive. If it was a 3TB disk then the numbers are correct. You could run the following command to get disk size. fdisk -l|grep Disk. This will show the physical disk size.


Is another disk with 1 TB attached on the USB port?

Yes, there is a 1TB drive on the USB port.

Thanks for reply, this is the explanation. Your capacity shown in the dashboard is the aggregated capacity of internal + external disk.

Is that supposed to happen? Is the firmware supposed to include the USB drive capacity? If so that’s not something I’ve seen or witnessed with several My Cloud units that have or had USB external drives attached.

Nothing attached to my MC so that answer doesn’t seem correct.

Your capacity difference is shown within Windows, correct? The screen of Morden2004 is the Home Screen of the web interface. So your issue seems to be anything different to the attached USB drive and the added capacity in the Home Screen.

Can you please specify what you describe?

My guess is that you have an external USB drive attached. The dashboard display shows the total of both internal AND external usage (and free space). Easy to test… disconnect your USB and it should shortly recalculate and re-display the correct amount. I have another post in here somewhere on this subject. I don’t know if this occurred in previous firmware levels. In the end, I decided (for my own purposes) that it was neither right or wrong, just a choice that was made by designers. I can understand their thinking on this.


When I return home I will disconnect the backup drive and see what is
reported then.

Nothing but the MC, no external USB drive used.

I will retest and document both cases (with 1TB backup drive on USB and no
external drive) and I will show Windows FE results as well, on Friday.

As promised, here are the screen shots. And they do show that the calculation of ‘free’ space includes a MOUNTED external drive on the USB port. To me that seems wrong.

As you can see, my 2TB MyCloud appears to have 1.8TB free until I unload the Safepoint drive, and then it reports a correct 1.4TB free.


I don’t know about Safepoint as I don’t use it and I think this is a pretty old thread, but unfortunately I think this conclusion isn’t correct. I was messing around with SMB on my drive trying to get windows 10 to see it on the file explorer (I know…) and clicked USB Content Availability to yes on Cloud Access settings. Then it aggregated my space. When I unchecked it, it went back to just my NAS. I’ve gone back and forth and am quite sure that’s what is happening.


I dont think this is correct.