Dashboard not displaying since latest update

Hey guys,

Possibly a simple one. I upgraded to the latest firmware for my wd my cloud. Drive looks ok.
I can access shares / ftp is fine/ twonky seems to be ok. I cannot access the dashboard. It seems to connect, try to authenticate then get a blank screen. Tried it on edge & chrome to eliminate a browser issue.

If you turn off AdBlock Plus for, what happens?


After upgrading to My Cloud OS 3, users experience slow initial response times

I upgraded on friday last week surely it doesn’t take this long to scan?


I’ve requested a WD Support Team member reach out to you for assistance.

Samuel Brown

What would be good is once the solution is discovered, please document the solution on this thread.

The fix in the end was reset the device and push the upgrades through again.
The dashboard was displaying.
Was not an issue with the adblocker.

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