[SOLVED] Unable to access dashboard

yes i know its been discussed thousands of times, but no solution works for me so far


my problem:
unable to access dashboard (99% of the time) , while keep reloading i may got 1% of chance getting into it, but all response are super slow in the user interface

it stays forever at the following screen:

the actions i have tried so far:
power on 4s reset x 2 times
power off 40s reset x 1
reboot router x5
reboot wdmycloud x 3
setting DHCP at router & wdmycloud
setting static IP at router & wdmycloud
accessing by http://WDMYCLOUD
accessing by http://192.168.0.x
ping WDMYCLOUD comes with 192.168.0.x with average 2ms

firmware is the latest for both router and wdmycloud

any idea guys
thanks for your help

***** UPDATE *****
during a full restore
i unfortunately switched off the computer and half bricked my wdmycloud
then i did the 40s reset, get it worked again , and found it can’t recognise the 3TB harddisk
so i do the FULL RESTORE again
and everything come back to normal again,
then i do a factory reset at my router as well
and found that my dashboard problem is solved too!

Try using a different web browser.
Try disabling any browser add-on’s; like script blocking and ad blocking extensions.

thx bennor for the reply
i was using EDGE,
just tried using clean IE but no luck
tried delete all history / cookies / cache still the same

As a troubleshooting step try using Firefox or Chrome and see if the problem persists.

thx bennor, just tried chrome, still the same

Make sure you are using https in your browser. You might get a warning that the connection is not secured, just clicked on advanced or say take me there anyway.

Without https, my connection just hangs when I click on the login button.
Hope this helps.