Dashboard no internet acces

hi everybody!
i am having some issues to acces internet with the drive, y only could enter to the page of my cloud with this link http://wdmycloud.local/UI/ the ip didnt work, but i dont have acces to internet now, and i dont know what to do, someone please some help

network mode= DHCP
SSH off
FTP access off
another thing is that my internet its from my campus univ. so it has proxy or something (for example i cant download torrents) dont know if that give you guys some usefull information. another thing, the my cloud its connected to the router and my coputer its connected by wifi with it and it has internet, so i dont know. please some help!

It’s likely a port-forwarding issue related to the proxy. Unless you can access the router’s admin page in order to open remote access ports then unfortunately the unit will be restricted by the network structure.