Customer Service - What Customer Service

Appalling company.

Ordered hard disk direct from WD on the 14th August.
Received an order confirmation on the 14th stating most orders ship within 1 business day.
Received an email on the 17th of August stating my order had been shipped:-

Shipment Confirmation

Dear xxxxxxxxxxx
Your order is on the way.

Shipment Details

Order #: 025xxxxx
Order Date: Aug 14, 2020
Shipment Date: Aug 17, 2020
Tracking Number: 1Z97W1856xxxxxx
(Please allow 24 hours to track your shipment)

By 19th August the tracking was indicating that the items were still in the warehouse and all that had happened was that a ‘label’ had been created!

As this was supposed to be a birthday present for someone and time was moving on I contacted WD on the 19th and was advised that it may or may not be delivered by the 21st!

By lunchtime on the 20th it was still with WD with its label awaiting collection.

I contacted WD on the 20th and requested to cancel my order. I was advised that even though the order had not left their warehouse and they could not tell me when it was likely to leave their warehouse, I could not cancel the order!

Their recommendation was to wait for it to be delivered and then return it. So, I had to wait an undetermined amount of time for the items to be picked up and delivered to me so that I could then arrange for them to be recollected and returned to the warehouse that they are currently in… ridiculous! (Not sure how environmentally friendly this process is but hey, at least they get to keep my money until it all gets sorted out, in their good time of course).

I pointed out that if I was a large organisation looking to fill a server farm with WD products they would have moved heaven and earth to ensure delivery was made but, unfortunately it is just me so, I must wait.

Their operative agreed!

When I asked to escalate the situation I was advised I could speak with a supervisor but I would be told exactly the same.

So, I am left without the product I have paid for, with no understanding of when, or if, they will arrive, but sure they will miss the deadline I needed them for.

I went with WD because I believed they were a reputable And reliable company, apparently not!

Will I use WD again, not while ducks still quack!