RMA says shipped a week ago

but UPS still shows no activity

WD Warehouse has really gone down hill

Anyone at WD want to get my order shipped since I already paid you 2 weeks ago and you pretended to ship 1 week ago? Maybe investigate your new calexico warehouse because i’m hearing they are really bad.

Hi placeboway,

I sent a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.

What about mine, WD Staff?

87581155 is my order. It has been 3 weeks. Still says pending shipment. Very bad service! PLEASE HELP!

Hi amamsmissooks,

We have recently experienced some delays in processing RMA requests. As of August 20th all processing delays have been addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

You wrong!

My order still not ship from July 30 you took my money!!! 87581155 you can see!

Hello @amamsmissooks,

I have confirmation from our shipping department that your replacement has shipped. You should have been updated with tracking information in your support request. If you have any issue getting the tracking information please PM me and I will be happy to look into it for you.

Hi amamsmissooks,

I have sent a message. Please check your WD Community Message Inbox.