Customer service has not responded to multiple requests

I received a WD Elements 2TB portable Hard drive with my Nikon camera a few years back. It was formatted for PC and My Imac would not recognise it. I didn’t need it at the time so I placed it in my desk top closet. My G drive began to fail so I wanted to back it up an looked into reformatting the Elements to do an emergency backup just in case. After several attempts the drive reformatted. I tried to copy the G drive and it failed. I have sent numerous requests on why or how to use this device. I have yet to receive any assistance from customer support.
I am not very impressed on the service from WD.

Hi William_Stanley,

We have sent you a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.

Contact customer service agent on phone. Run the same diagnostics as I’ve done prior. Agent recommended buying new portable external drive since I hadn’t used this one since I got it it may have gone bad!
WTF I can’t believe that was his advice.
A in used 2TB WD portable hard drive that I have not been able to format. That was his best advice.