Help please anybody?

I have altogether four hard drive that are ALL Wd elements hard drives. 3 of which are external hard drive and the last one which is a book the 3tb. All the other ones are 1t.

I bought my 3tb hard drive in September and now this morning it won’t show up on my Mac. And won’t work at all.

I went on to disk drill and am in the process of recovering all the data. And backing it up onto my other hard drive. But the worst part about it is in the space of three weeks I have had Three of these wd elements external hard drive fail on me. The first one that broke was probably a year old. Then the second one that broke was about 4 years old. And the last one not even two months old.

At this point I’m questioning the quality of these wd portable drives and how I can get them looked at?

I want to send my brand new one in as it is still under warranty? Does anyone know how I can do this? And how the process works? I currently like in the western cape South Africa.

Any help will do thanks

Hello SJhughes,

Our apologies hearing about your apparent malfunction with multiple Wd elements hard drives. We would like the chance to work with you to run diagnostics and document the environment where these drives are operating to help determine the root cause of this abnormal behavior. It’s likely an environmental or system setting causing multiple drives to malfunction under the same conditions.

The link below will allow you to call support :