WD Elements hard drive failing?

After about 9 months of use, my 2TB WD Elements portable hard drive is failing. When I plug it in to my mac, the white light (which usually blinks rapidly) stays solid (doesn’t blink). It does not appear in disk utility, or on my desktop. However, about 5% of the time I plug it in, it will have the rapidly blinking light and appear in finder, only to not show any data on the drive (freezes when I open it on finder).

Edit: I’ve plugged it in and it is not appearing in disk utility, however when I try to repair it, it reads 'The disk *** could not be unmounted". The disk also makes a click sound occasionally, before slowing down and speeding up again.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Are you able to test the drive on a different computer? if possible, try using a different USB cable.