Creating New Shared Folders via Windows 10 File Explorer

I have just purchased a new MyCloud Mirror 8TB NAS and am trying to understand how to create additional folders at the same level as the defaults - Shared Videos, Shared Music, Share Pictures. I want to create a few more:
Shared Software
Shared (once I understand, I can repeat)

What I’ve done thus far:

  1. In File Explorer in Windows 10, I navigated to the NAS (\MyDrive) and simply created a new folder called “Shared Software”.
  2. I checked the security permissions in Windows (Properties/Security) and they are different than the defaults (Shared Software shows "Everyone, Share (Unix Group\Share), and Linux User (MyDrive\nobody) whereas the Shared Videos shows “Everyone”, root (Unix user\root) and root (unix group\root)).

I then discovered the “Shares” section within MyCloud Dashboard. If I create the share there, will it create the “Shared Software” folder at the same level/location as the Shared Videos folder? I tried, but it doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

Can anyone give me some direction as to what I did wrong or haven’t done to complete the process successfully? And if “starting the creation of the folders” all over again is best, I’ll take that advice as well, so long as you can assist in the proper method for doing this (I hopefully won’t be creating many more shared folders once I get my library set up and sorted - but we’ve all said that before).


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If you want to create the folder inside the the public share, or do you want to make a separate share on the unit? If you want the share software folder to be in public then you can just create a new folder on the public share