How to create subfolders under a share

I am a new user. Instructions show how to create a share but not subfolders under a share. Can someone please help?

I’m not familiar with the dashboard. But if you are using windows. You can open the windows explorer. Go the the share you want to create the sub folder. Then create new folder. Thats one way.


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Thanks a bunch, RAC.

Below is an image for Windows. I hope this will help. Use this link to see the User Manual.


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Just a note so the new folks know if they haven’t read the WD My Cloud User Manual. Currently you cannot create subfolders nor manage their permissions individually within a share using the Dashboard interface. The Dashboard does not offer that sort of control over subfolders. One typically will use Windows Explorer on Windows PC’s, the Finder on Mac PC’s to create subfolders. Or one can use the mobile apps on their Android/iOS device to create subfolders. At this time subfolders inherit the user permission settings from their parent share folder unless one uses SSH to modify the subfolder user permissions. Note that using SSH may void your My Cloud’s warrantee.

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Thanks to all for taking the time to respond to my issue. Truly appreciated.