Create a base tree folder

I have four main folders when I set up my WDMycloud.  They are Public, Smartware, TimeMachineBackup, and one I was able to give a name for.  Can I (and how if I can) set up additional main folders?

Directories at that level (parallel with ‘Public’) are considered as ‘user shares’, so you’d have to create a User to create such a directory.

Alternatively, you can SSH in to the linux system, and go to the user data area:

cd /DataVolume/shares

you can then make a directory, say ‘new_dir’

mkdir new_dir

It won’t be visible under Windows, though (I don’t think)…

I’m sure there’s a way of making it visible, but that’s beyond my linux skills…

they may be considered user shares but there is not any connection when you create a share, you establish the permissions/conection seperatly. When you create a user it normally creates a share of the same name with permission for the user, I have hade mixed results with the automatice share creation at least in older FW versions. the initial admin user is the only one required although it is best for everyone that will access it to have there oown account

you can create a share X then grant various users full, read only or no access to the share. I have shares for music, pictures, videos and common items in addition to a share for each user. think of how you want thing orginized for you and create shares and permissions to support it

Ah, yes. You know, I’d either forgotten that, or missed it completely…

Using the Dashboard, select the Shares page, then click the ‘folder+’ icon below the list of shares.

Thanks, Larry.