Creating Users and their access

Just got my first WDMYCLOUD and setup went well (i think).  Im not sure if I am setting up user accounts correctly.  Of course, I have my initial (admin) account, which creates a folder with my first name, along with the PUBLIC folders.  I then created another user for my girlfriend. And when she logs in using her login info that I setup in the dashboard, she has access to my stuff and the public folders

Shouldnt she have access to the public folders and then her own folder? and not mine also.  The system doesnt even create a folder for her, it just logs her in as if she were me, but using her own login credentials.  Ive doubled checked all the settings in the dashboard, and its fairly basic, but i dont see anything that im over looking.

Am i doing something wrong?  if not and every user account has access to the entire drive and its contents, then whats the purpose of creating individual users.  I thought by creating individual user accounts, that would create folders or access to folders specifically created for and by that user only.  And that user would then have to share specifici folders or files if they wanted other users to have access to them.  I dont know… maybe i am misunderstanding the purpose of the users.

Kind of like windows lets you create users, and when they login, they have their own desktop, and access to their own files and not other users’ files.

Help me understand, please…   thank you.

Assuming you used the Dashboard to create your girlfriend’s User account, then it should have created a Share.

Go to the Shares tab in the Dashboard, and you should see shares for Public, You and Girlfriend. If you don’t, then something has gone wrong with user creation: contact support.

If you see the shares, select each user share in turn, and check that public access is turned off. This will then allow you to select access permissions for that share for each user. It seems that the User Share defaults to public access.

Also, be aware that if you enable media serving on a share, that DLNA ignores access permissions, so media on that share will be visible to anyone using a DLNA client, assuming you enable the Twonky DLNA media server.