Could not see any folders of WD My Cloud through Admin Console

I could not see My Cloud data folders when accessed through admin console screen of my MyCloud 3TB. I purchased in 2016, was working flawlessly till last week.
My Cloud is not working properly from last week and initially drive is locked for ready only mode.
I suspect this could be because of frequent power disconnect to drive.
I have all the data in this drive, any help to retrieve data highly appreciated.

I’m getting “The drive 1 self-check failed. Contact WD Support.” notification when Quick test is done.

Thanks for reply. Can you please let me know what is user with which I can login through ssh and check folders of drive? I read somewhere we have a root user to login through putty?

Yes. Last week when I search through community for read only access, I found a post which has 50+ replies, it’s mentioned in that. unfortunately… I did not save that… any information on that will help.

Generally one should shut down the My Cloud either using the hibernation/shutdown option in the My Cloud Dashboard or use SSH to issue the halt/shutdown command via the command line. Pulling the power on a running NAS can potentially cause data corruption and other issues when the drive or firmware is writing data to the hard drive.

SSH is enabled in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section. When one enables SSH in the Dashboard they get a dialog window telling them the SSH login name and login password. Depending on the My Cloud model upon first SSH login one may be forced to change the SSH password.

See the following WD Knowledge Base articles for more information:

How to Extract and Retrieve Data from a My Cloud

How to Access a My Cloud Using SSH (Secure Shell)

If all else fails one can extract or remove the hard drive from the My Cloud single bay enclosure and using a powered USB to SATA adapter or enclosure or docking port or spare SATA port on the computer, connect the hard drive to their computer. Because the My Cloud hard drive is generally formatted for Linux one will need to either use Linux (example boot with a Linux USB flash drive: Create a bootable USB stick on Windows | Ubuntu) to access the hard drive and it’s contents or use a third party Linux driver on Windows (for example: Linux File Systems for Windows | Paragon Software) to read the contents of the drive. Generally the user data is confined to the EXT4 formatted partition on the My Cloud hard drive.

Or one can click on the Support link at the top of the page and proceed to open a support case with WD Support.

Thanks a lot for detailed information. This gives me information to check all points related to my cloud drive.

I have gone through each point and successfully access my cloud with ssh access. When I tried to mount, it takes indefinite time.

I feel I have only last option left to remove hard drive from My Cloud and try through Linux software for Windows.

I also gone through some YouTube videos on process to be followed. I’ll check this further.

Thank you very much for your reply and exhaustive information.

Hi Bennor, it’s me again.
I can ping mycloud. My router is giving a fixed IP address to the MAC of the device.
I can enter dashboard OS3 using different web browsers, but it’s not stable, seems like it hangs. But led still “blue” (actually i changed to green as the blue was burnt).
I was able to enter twonky, but not anymore as I yesterday disabled Media Streaming, iTunes Server
I was able to enter remotely using mycloud on web or mobile app, but it was very unstable, so I disabled it yesterday
I was able to access my mapped drive, but not since last month

Mine is a MyCloud 4 TB Firmware v04.05.00-342 : Core F/W model WDBCTL004HWT-00 1st gen.

I was reading the forum and saw a way to access my shares using something called WinSCP

So i guess I can extract the data without much effort, however I would like to transfer it to my OneDrive cloud, but I don’t have the full space available on my computer hard drives to make the full transfer at once.

How can I remap mycloud as network drive again to my Windows PC?

Try mapping the My Cloud using it’s IP address and see if that works.

Try using different network cables to connect the My Cloud to the router. Try a different router port if one is available.+

Because you have a first gen single bay My Cloud, make sure SMB1.0/CIFS is enabled in Windows. Microsoft tends to disable that setting through patch updates.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10

As a last resort one can extract the My Cloud hard drive from it’s enclosure and connect it to their computer using a USB to SATA adapter (or docking station) or using a spare SATA port on their computer. Then using a Linux driver for Windows ( Ext2Fsd, Linux Reader, Ext2explore, Linux File Systems for Windows) or using Windows 10 WSL 2 (mount EXT4 in Windows 10) one can mount the My Cloud drive and copy the user data from the EXT4 data partition off the drive to another location.