CouchPotato and SSL

I’ve successfully managed to get couchpotato running on my DL2100. I have nevertheless one problem because some operations fail and on the log i can see this error: Can’t connect to HTTPS URL because the SSL module is not available.

As i understand this comes from SSL mising on my DL2100 python (Firmware 2.11.140). Any way to solve this ? anyone came around this problem ?

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

I see this post reply a lot in these forums. Why do users post this?

Is it just to up their number of posts? (Admittedly, just like my post), what purpose does this type of reply serve?

When i see a reply has been made to a question, I think: “Hey, I’ll go read that to see a possible solution!” But, then I find this type of response instead. :frowning:

I can see doing so if the OP’s post had been stale for a long time and someone wanted to "bump"it to the top of the queue, but otherwise it adds nothing to the discussion. (Much in the same way my post does.)

“Hopefully an experienced user can answer why certain users always post this reply. It would seem to me that experienced users should be the ones replying instead of some who are just hoping.”

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yea, I dunno. My only good guess is so the original poster would feel at least his post made it and someone saw it. But I kinda agree it is sad to see WD staff who we would hope have an answer pass on it.

Then WD may have some kind of metrics they are trying to keep up. Like, well we get an average reply in 4 hours or less to quizzers. Microsoft has metrics for posts marked answered they get all giddy about

This is a thread related to an issue with an application that is not warranted or supported by Western Digital. As such, there are no procedures I can recommend in order to address his particular issue within the scope of supported proceedings, even if I am aware of them.

On such cases, a bump may allow for someone else to take notice of the post in question. Someone who may have valuable advice outside the scope of WD Support.

I think he just wanted to bump your topic…