Copying video files to iPad

I’ve had the 2TB HDD version of My Passport wireless Pro for a couple of years. I’ve used it as a SD card backup and with my Macbook. I now am trying to use it with my iPad Air (latest model) for video work and find it extremely slow and choppy with video files. As suggested elsewhere I’m using 5GHz band only with direct connection on an uncongested network.

The only solution I can think of is to transfer the video files to the iPad and work with them on that. However, I find the MyCloud app very unintuitive. Although I can transfer photos directly using the share icon, with video files selected the share icon is unresponsive until I first download the videos. Where is it being downloaded? Why is this step necessary? Is there a better way of accessing the video files? It just seems so cumbersome.

I think you have muliple issues, but this link below is what first came to my mind for you. It is how I get my videos from my NAS or MPW on to my iPad. More later about your other issues.