Using My Passport Wireless Pro and iPad Pro 2017

Hi, I’m new here so forgive me if I get something wrong.
I’ve just purchased a My Passport Wireless Pro 2TB and an iPad Pro 2017. I want to use this combination when I’m travelling. My plan is to import photos from my DSLR to the iPad using card readers and then back them up to the Wireless Pro. I’ve just set up my Wireless Pro and have imported some photos onto my iPad, my question is: in simple terms, how do I copy the photos from the iPad to the Wireless Pro? Typical photo size is 45Mb.

I’m assuming that once I get the photos onto the Wireless Pro I can then use the Wireless Pro’s usb to transfer the photos to my home PC on my return home.

Hope someone can help.

Seems you are going at this “backwards”. Most people take camera photos on to SD card, and then feed the SD card to their MPWP to store the photos there. Same SD card can be put into computer and put into iTunes folder and when iPad is connected to computer copied from iTunes into iPad. You need the complete user manual for MPWP and iPad. There may be other ways to get photos into iPad; email is one way that comes to mind.

Thank you for your reply. The purpose of the iPad and MPWP is to provide a backup system for photos whilst travelling without a computer. Having copied the photos to the iPad I now wish to copy them to the MPWP thus providing a “belt and braces” backup system. Also, 2 of the cameras use compact flash and XQD cards respectively so photos cannot be copied directly to the MPWP.

Having just checked it is possible in Camera Roll (iPad Photos) to select pics, then use Share function in Photos (top left corner, the page symbol with up arrow) then select MyCloud app from the offered list. The MyCloud app is WD’s way of accessing the wireless drive from the iPad. If you don’t see MyCloud in the list, tap the More option and scroll down to MCloud, turn on the access button and it will appear in the offerings.
Once you share with MyCloud it will open and you can point to the drive directory and folder where you want to copy them. Hope that helps.

As previously pointed out, you can put the SD card into the WD card slot and have them auto copy to the drive, then access the drive with iPad/MyCloud and copy them back. :smile:

Forgive my late response but I’ve been away. Thank you for your reply, I’ve tried it and it works fine, so simple really. Many thanks :grinning:


Thanks for passing that tidbit along. I was not aware it was that easy to get file from an iOS camera roll to the MyCloud app.

This method works to get images to a Passport wireless drive. . . . . . or any other device you have in the mycloud app (such as a WesternDigital NAS box you might have at home)

After some experimentation, I found that there are similar means to upload photos from an android device to the MyCloud app.

(This is new functionality for me. . .I generally upload SD cards to the wireless drives, or use the drives as portable streaming servers)

In iOS there is an app by Readdle called Documents. It is a very useful file manager and media manager. It can wirelessly access the MyPassport Wireless pro as well. In situations where the MyCloud app Share function does not allow certain files to be opened in other apps (e.g .psd files), Documents is useful for accessing and opening such files in other apps. Documents is also good for moving files between the MPWP and the iOS Files app (a feature not currently supported by MyCloud).

Please could you explain how to connect Readdie Documents to my MPWP.
Update: I’ve worked out how to do it!
Only thing I can’t work out is can I use it to act as a music player, i.e., shuffle songs in an album or all songs?

You can access any cloud or wireless service and many other features. Here is how to connect to MPWP. You do need to connect your device to the MPWP’s wireless network.

Use same process to connect to Dropbox (just select Dropbox from Storage/Service list in Pic 2.

If you download files on browsers just use ‘Share and Copy to Documents’.
Documents can set up Folders, view most files, open files in most other apps and has a built in zip file handlers.

Sing out if you have any questions or problems setting up.


Thank you so much for all your help. I’ve configured Documents as shown above and can now see all the folders and files on my MPWP but still can’t work out how to use Documents features to shuffle and play either one folder of music or all to shuffle all of my music. Sorry to be so useless and many thanks for all your help, very much appreciated by a newbie.

Happy to help. In Documents go to the Music folder and tap one of the music files. This opens the Player window. At the button of the window. Are the shuffle and loop setting icons. I think you can only shuffle through one folder at a time though.

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU. Just a pity that iTunes can’t access music on my MPWP, maybe one day. Thanks. :grinning:

The My Cloud mobile app for iOS AUTOMATIC backup feature will backup photo and videos to the My Cloud and My Passport Wireless device. Read more here:

Once setup, it’s automatic. You can choose which folder to use on your My Passport Pro.

Only just seen your tip about IOS Automatic backup. Have set it up and am impressed. Many thanks for your help, going to make backing up photos from the iPad to the drive so much easier - just wish I’d seen it before our trip to Brazi, had 4000+ photos to backup!.
Thanks again.

I have been trying to figure this out for days but thank goodness you showed a step by step process on how to link the MPWP with Documents. Been using Documents heavily on the iPad. I have currently switched from using my Mac to just purely my iPad and, I must say, this MPWP and Documents combo setup is a need!

Thanks so much to all the guys on this thread!