Copying Photo Albums from my iPad

This is my first post. I’m setting up my Passport Pro. Internet connects established to iMac and iPad.

I aim to copy photos to the drive and free up space on iPad.

Can I copy and preserve photo albums with the links to camera roll intact?

I am presuming you are setting up a new My Passport WIRELESS Pro. If so, there are links /folders on drive to WD TURORIALS AND VIDEOS, so take a look at them.

Also, see this link I posted about problems to avoid with iOS devices and back ups of Camera Roll.

Hi Umber, I be interested in some speed specs.

I do not have a passport pro but a WD my Cloud.

Tried to take a 3.1 Gig from the WD my cloud over wi fi to the iPad Pro.

At 15 mins WD my cloud app was still downloading, so this system is rendered none productive.

What speeds can you achieve to your iPad using the app ?

thank you