Will MKV and AVI files ever be viewable on the My Cloud app on iphone?

Bought the Passport Wireless because I’ve had no issues with my non-wireless version. However the whole process is seriously let down by the crappy My Cloud app.

It would be fantastic if more video formats were allowed or videos could be opened with other video players if the My Cloud app developers don’t want to include the containers for other video types.

The MC app only plays files that are native to the iOS device’s set of playable file formats. I have heard that there are iOS apps that can do the job, but ones I have tried stutter and stall, because the iPad processor is not as robust as a computer’s CPU (although it is better than the CPU in my Amazon Kindle HD tablet.). Maybe the newest iPads have a beefier CPU and can handle MKV files better than my gen3 iPad, but who knows. I just make quality m4v/mp4 files w/Handbrake and they work great played from my My Cloud app, and other video apps from my drives and network NAS.

Thanks Mike. That makes sense. I have an ipad 1st gen with Cinexplayer and it handles MKV and AVI files perfectly. I convert most of my MKV to MP4 anyway. Mind you, my MKV are usually SD and not HD so that may be why they don’t stutter/stall when played on both my ipads.

My current ipad is 4th gen with 64GB so I usually get away with just loading it up with all my videos and using the other app but having a wireless drive is handy.


There is a free app VLC which plays nicely mkv’s from a nas.

I use mkv container to keep my vids on the nas. I dont convert them to anything and in my ipad/iphone i have nPlayer Plus which plays those files perfectly. Unfortunately nPlayer isnt atv compatible, so i have to use another app on my atv - currently i have vlc (free) but there are some better apps (by ui) like infuse, or kodi style mrmc.

The problem with apple is that they dont want to pay for licenses so if you dont convert your files to apple-friendly files then you have to get an app that have right codecs and mostly they are paid apps because licensing fees.