Contacting Customer Service

I really didn’t want to have to ask here but can someone please tell me how I contact customer service (UK)???

I have emailed multiple times using their email service and all I get is an automated response telling me I will be replied to within one business day. I have not heard back and it’s been almost a week since I sent the first email. 

I have tried to call the UK support number but the number isn’t valid. 

I really don’t want to have to return my EX4 but if I don’t get any assistance I will have to.

Please, if someone from WD is reading this can you read and reply to my emails. My EX4 is generating critical alerts that are informing me to get in touch with you. It’s quite difficult to do when you don’t have a phone number and you don’t respond to emails. 


00800- 27549338

I just phoned that number and was answered and yes the 00 at the beginning is correct.

I believe that it connects you to a European centre.

Thanks for the reply but that number does not work for me. Where are you calling from and are you using a landline?  2013-12-16 17.22.54.png

I did the check on a landline and I have since checked on mobiles.

My ovivo and giffgaff did not connect but my virgin did!

Guess the 00800 number is limited on certain networks.

I am in the UK.

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Thanks Rich! Will try the landline tomorrow.

Still a bit miffed about the unresponded emails though.