Australian Support Contact Number

Hi guys

Does anyone know if this is the only Australian support number? (even though you are calling the US) ?

General Support
0011 80022754932,

It says support is 8am-5pm AET but when I called it at 12.30pm it was shut saying the support hours are 7am - 4pm Pacific Time. That means support coverage by phone in Australia is 12am - 9am which isn’t helpful!

I am following up on a call that I logged via the support portal 2 days which I’ve heard nothing back about.


I’ll speak to someone when I get to the office tomorrow morning (US Pacific time) and ask why the recording and the listed times are different and find out which one is accurate.

thank you

Hi @FabioCaponi - Still waiting for an update from the support team. Just wanted to touch base and let you know we didn’t forget about you.

thanks Great Scott. I called this morning around 8.30am and got through to someone. The ticket has been assigned to someone.

Awesome - I’m glad you were able to get assistance. If you need to get through to someone again and can’t due to this issue, send me a PM with your contact number and I can have someone get in touch.

Thanks, WD have been in touch and are advising to raise an RMA to have the device replaced.

Does this mean the case and removable drives or just the case only? They haven’t specified (I’ve asked) but I need to plan around what I do with my current data (8TB) if the entire device is to be replaced?

What is your products Model/Part number? (Make sure not to post the serial (S/N) by mistake as this is private information that can be used for fraud or to steal your warranty)

Its a My Cloud EX2 Ultra. It’s also made more difficult as the option of getting a replacement device sent to me first and then returning the faulty device back is only open to US & European customers. I have to send the faulty device back first in order to get a replacement.

I really don’t know how this is exactly supposed to work with the backing up of data or what I need to actually sent back?
I’ve responded to the agent two days ago with this question and heard nothing. I need clarified where I am shipping this back to (i.e the US?) or will it be locally in Australia? I am also not able to create an RMA either, the Return Reason & Comment drop down menu is greyed out so I’cant proceed further, even though the drive is selected and for some reason the warranty says “Out Of Region” even though this was purchased locally in Australia. I had this message when I first registered the device and after logging a job with WD I was told that this had been resolved by the agent. Help…!

Hi @FabioCaponi

Regarding where to send the drive: When the RMA is created it will give you the address to send to. This will vary based on region and product. I think the shipping center for you guys is in Singapore off the top of my head, but don’t quote me on that as these things have a habit of changing regularly.

As for the “out of region” message and not being able to complete the RMA- essentially what this is saying is that the drive you had was INTENDED to be sold in a different country. Sometimes retailers will ship products between stores in different regions and we end up having to adjust this. There is no physical difference between them - the main difference is what power adapters they come with and the length of warranties etc.

I can’t do anything about it until I’m in the office tomorrow, but I’ll push to have someone fix this as soon as possible and will provide you an update in this thread as soon as I hear back.

thanks Scott, Ive sent you a PM