Connectivity Issues With My Cloud PR4100

I did a manual update to the Plex server and after rebooting our My Cloud Pr4100 NAS, the device had not completed rebooting after 30 minutes.

I held in the power button, and after the device powered down, I unplugged the power cord, waited 30 seconds, and replugged the cord.

When I powered up the NAS, everything came up, except now I have no access to the device either from the WD MyCloud app, or by typing the IP address into a webpage.

I’m running the latest Microsoft update of Windows 10 Pro (64-bit), and the latest firmware update for the PR4100.

Can anyone help me restore access to the device?


We are all having the same problem. Their firmware is buggy and renders systems useless.
re: PR4100 stuck in "System rebooting..." after last firmware update