PR4100 connection issues? what is causing?

I’m using a PR4100 in a RAID 1 setup with two 12TB wd red drives for my digital storage needs at home. My biggest use for the unit is to house my movie library which I’m still converting slowly from DVD/Bluray to files and then serving them out via plex media server to my TVs and phones/tablets.

Anyway, this morning I went to put on a movie for the kids and plex wouldn’t connect to the server. I went to my PC and I couldn’t access the NAS through windows file explorer or directly through IP either. I logged into my router and it showed the PR4100 still at the IP address I tried. So, I physically went to the PR4100 and cycled power. Everything went back to normal and we’re good.

BUT, why did this happen? I recall this same situation only a little while ago (never thought much of it being first time).

I then logged into the WD software for the PR4100 and checked through the notifications and saw there was a firmware update: 5.08.115 this morning around 3am. It looks like the
PR4100 updated and I’m assuming it did its own power cycle aftewards (?) and lost connectivity until I rebooted it. Is this normal? Did the PR4100 fail to reboot after the automatic firmware update or something?

Its only happened twice now across multiple months of use so, I’m not super worried. Although, in case it KEEPS happening, I wanted to put this out there so others know and maybe there’s some simple fix I’m unaware of. I’m going to be closely watching the firmware updates now to see if they coincide with any further issues.