Connection to myCloud (3TB) very slow

When connecting my iMac (2007 with Yosemite) to the myWD Cloud (3TB) back up via Time Machine is very slow.
Worse - I managed to copy my iPhoto Library (approx. 150GB) on a public folder on the WD Cloud, but accessing it from the iMac does not work! Takes ages to load than gets stuck.
I use as (German) Telekom Router Speedport 724W.
What else could I check? Other than that my network runs pretty fast including WLAN.

It’s the internal way how Time Machine is working - unfortunately. It’s a block based workflow but using file based transport, therefore it feels like the bits are dropping from left to right.

Thanks, Joerg for the honest answer. But still a bit disappointing, the MyCloud is positioned as back up device for Mac/Time Machine!
Beyond Time Machine I still feel that the the MyCloud is not really fast when connecting from my Mac. Anything else that I could check?
Thanks, Harald

Hi Harald

how fast is the My Cloud if you copy a huge file for testing purpose, let’s say coyp a movie with some Gigabyte of file size. Yet I don’ t know how fast your My Cloud is during normal file operations.

I will test a little and let you know, thanks!

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Hi! Copied a 4GB file to the myCloud and it took 6 minutes (while the first 1GB needed 3 minutes). Does that sound “normal”?

Hi Harald

recalculation the 4 GB within 6 minutes results in approx 11 Megabyte/s throughout, correct?

The throughout seems to be related to a Wifi connection with 802.11n up to 300 MBit/s.
Then this 11 Megabyte/s (which is the net throughput) are a the top end of Wifi with 300 MBit/s. Wifi connection is a so called shared medium where interference with other WLANs in the neighborhood can lower you own throughput dramatically. Even some other devices in your own wifi can interact against each other.

Best practise for good throughput is: configure the wifi to use “g/n only”, not “b/g/n” on 2.4 GHz, enable the 40 MHz band or use “20/40 MHz auto” for offering up to 300 Mbit/s to clients instead of 144 MBit/s on pure 20 MHz. Encryption to use should be “AES” only, not “TKIP+AES” as TKIP would block the clients to make use of 40 MHz 300 MBit/s wifi.
If this wifi stuff was to technical, please “raise your hand”.

If it is a cabled connection, you should achieve much more, at least more than 50 Megabyte/s writing speed, as cabled connection with a One-Bay My Cloud uses Gigabit Ethernet.

Thanks, Jörg! For my iMac I use a cable connection. We might use a few WLAN devices in parallel, but that shouldn’t be an issue in this case, right? I even switched WLAN off to see if it affects the “cable upload” speed, but it didn’t. WLAn in our house works well, e.g. streaming Netflix in 4K without a problem. The iMac is located on the 3rd floor and the router is in the cellar connected via a fixed in-wall cable with sockets in both rooms - installed 9 years ago by the builders electrician.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Harald
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