S L O W MyCloud - with Time Machine

After two months of tinkering I have determined that there are two technologies that do NOT work together. MyCloud and Apple’s Time Machine. I have reset, reloaded, recovered, rewired, and prayed without success. The WD MyCloud and Apple Time Machine have been running for 38 hours and backed up 221 Gb of data. If you do the math I think that I am back in my AOL days on a 56 Kb dial connection.

After doing a MyCloud factory restore I then reconfigured my office and put my Apple iMac on a direct gigabit (wired) ethernet connection. Tested the link and the hardware appears to be working. Both the MyCloud and the iMac are connected to an Apple Airport Extreme, sixth generation.

In all honesty I do not feel that this is entirely a WD problem. I have to setup a test file transfer to determine if this poor performance is limited to the Time Machine application.

I am running current microcode on the MyCloud and Airport Extreme and my iMac is running OS X 10.11.3 El

Anyone had success with MyCloud and Time Machine?

There are known problems with El Capitan and the My Cloud. Seems that for some Mac users Timemachine is slow. And that slowness is made worse if one is backing up over WiFi. Here are some prior threads that discuss these issues. Don’t know if there is single set workaround or fix though.





Doing the maths…

Assuming you mean gigabytes (GB), not gigabits (Gb), then you’re transferring 221e9 * 8 bits in 38 hours. So your transfer rate is:

221e9 * 8 / (38 * 60 * 60)

= 12.9Mbps.

A bit faster than your 56kbps dial up…

But still pretty slow for a gigabit network… :wink:

Thanks for the math help - mine was a guess. Considering that the physical link is a 10 foot long Cat 5e cable - the media should not be the issue.