Time Machine and My Cloud Home - SLOW!

I have just bought a new My Cloud Home 4TB and have been happily transferring files from 2 Apple macs to it - these go through at a decent rate via our home wifi. I have tried using the mycloud as the drive for apple time machine - the drive is recognised but the speed of transfer is so slow that a backup (if it ever completed) of around 230Gb would take days. Transferring the first backup onto a normal portable hard drive takes a couple of hours - why is MyCloud Home so slow and what can I do to improve this? I’m running High Sierra (10.13.6)

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That’s not a fair comparison. USB transfer rate is way higher than most of the wireless connections.

Just to have an idea, most people still use 802.11g 2.4 GHz which gives you the maximum transfer rate of 54Mbps, which means that a file that is 230 GB would take at least 11 hours to be transferred. On the other hand, an old USB 2.0 takes only 1 hour to transfer the same content on a rate of up to 480Mbs.

Tell us which wifi and USB technology you are using so we can be more precise if there really is a speed problem on your local network.

They’re both transferring via WiFi on the same network. There isn’t an option for a usb connection to the my cloud home.
To put it into perspective, direct transfer of files via WiFi is running at around 3gb/hour. The time machine transfer measures its rate (when it manages it) in kB or even in bytes.

Wow… that’s really slow. I found this on the internet:

All who are using Mavericks and have the slow TM issue, just open preferences-spotlight-privacy and add your TM back up drive, so spotlight doesn’t check it.
After my update was on 211 MB for hours it jumped to 3,5 GB in 10 sec

Let me know if it works

thanks but no - doesn’t make any difference.

Then try this one. It has lots of positive feedbacks

Thanks for that - seems to be working on one machine - not lightning fast but certainly manageable so far! We’ll see where we get to on our other ones!

Thanks for your help.