Connecting to TV

I have a my passport wireless pro. I want to connect it to my Sony smart tv or my Apple TV. How can I do that?

info in the links below applies to any brand Smart TV

Sometimes, it is harder than one would think.

The MPWP offers two methods; Twonky and Plex.
I think that any software that can use DLNA protocol will work on the MPWP as well.

First. . . .forget Plex. Hardware in the wireless pro is just too weak.
Second. . . twonky works well enough. I do use it.

So. . .direct to your point. . .I strongly suspect your Sony TV will be able to read your network using DLNA, and then you can stream from your MPWP.

I don’t know. . . . I find that as I collect “smart” TV’s, all the menus and capabilities vary by model to the point it drives me batty. I finally gave up and bought a Roku Stick for every TV. Yes. . I have packed the Roku in luggage.

The Roku stick runs Plex. . .so (at home) I generally use a PC or my WD NAS as a plex server. . .and all is good.

When away from home, I use the MyPassport to store movies. . .then I connect to a laptop and run HDMI from the laptop to the TV, OR use the laptop as a Plex server. :slight_smile:

You asked about Apple Tv: No clue. If it can Run VLC, twonky, or supports DLNA in somefashion. . .you will be in luck. I have an “Older” Apple TV; never made it work for streaming.

Slight note: on my Android tablets, I find I can find content on my network using VLC’s browsing functionality (Can’t tell if it is using Twonky, SMB, or some other function to get the data. . .but get the data it does!)