Wd my passport Wireles - Smart TV


I was thinking of getting an external harddrive to connect to my Smart TV.

It will be connected by USB to show 4k content via Plex (My TV can run Plex)
Then Wireless connection through my network so i can acces it through my computer and laptops.

Would this be possible?
I was thinking of connecting the TV by USB since 4k content might require a bit more.

Same if i conect it to an Nvidia Shield 4k later on.
Can i connect it via USB and acces it with other devices via the wireless network?


You do NOT need a My Passport WIRELESS drive to connect to your TV. You do need a NON-wireless drive to connect to your TV. Or, instead of that, a NAS connected to your router/home network might be better and more versatile (i.e. enabling viewing movies you have on disk on smartphones and tablets). I have a NAS (running Plex) on my network, and my non-smart TV can show movies and play music from my NAS just fine, with assist of a WDTV, or Roku or Amazon Fire TV (running apps for Plex (or something else on the latter two.) There are lots of solutions, but one is not by using a wireless passport drive (which I also have for away from home media accessing).

Start doing some research via google search…