Connect WD Wireless Pro to Smart TV

Hi, I want to ask in here, Is it possible that My Passport Wireless Pro connect to my LG Smart TV without PLEX?
Recently I used My Passport and it treated as USB Storage and I want My Passport Wireless treat as that.
Thank you,

Assuming the LG TV talks DLNA as most Smart TV does. MPW Pro also has Twonky DLNA media server built-in by default if you do not wish to install Plex media server.

If you wish to connect MPW Pro as a USB device to the LG TV then find out what file system the LG TV can read from and make sure the MPW Pro is formatted in the supported file system. By the default MPW Pro is formatted as exFAT file system but you can reformat it to NTFS or HFS as well.

Hi jchen,
Thank you for your reply, I will try to reformat MPW Pro file system to NTFS.